MDF3D panels are new on the Polish market. They are a simple and effective solution for the arrangement of unique and modern interiors. We will systematically widen our offer of twelve panels with new interesting designs. MDF3D panels are primarily used as a ceiling or wall decoration.

Deep milling


They are made of laminated MDF board, painted with white primer. The standard dimensions of the panel are 500 mm per 1000 mm or 1220×2440 mm. We also make panels of untypical dimensions – up to 2750 mm at 1250 mm.

Match the color


The final effect can be obtained by applying a layer of acrylic, latex or vinyl paint to the blank (spray method) so that it can be incorporated into any interior. The advantages are thermal and acoustic insulation of rooms, flexibility, high strength. Panels are also universal because they can be freely changed as a blank as they are covered with regular wall paint of a wide range of colors.



Designs MDF3D




Leaflet with designs


Designs of MDF3D panels

We present you the offer of panel designs in PDF format.

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